Business Park

Working in a Balanced Environment

Traux Air Park features inviting green open space, wooded sites, and attractive architectural style. 

Protective covenants govern Truax Air Park development, providing architectural review and guidance during project planning and construction. These covenants outline specific standards for architectural control, parking, and landscaping that assure only high quality development throughout the Park.

Light Manufacturing / Warehouse Sites

Truax Air Park West's excellent access to transportation makes it ideal for warehousing and light manufacturing. 

The park is already home to high-tech research and manufacturing companies. Growth and development of these types of companies is sustained by the area's dynamic business climate as well as its proximity to the University of Wisconsin.

Parcels designated for light manufacturing and warehousing are placed on the Park periphery. Sites range in size from 5 to 7 acres - offering excellent opportunities for present needs and future expansion.

Airport-Related Sites

Location and traffic flow make Truax Air Park West a perfect site for airport-related commercial service businesses. The Park has a total of 12 acres available for airport-related service development. These two parcels are strategically located at the entrance to Truax Air Park West and the Dane County Regional Airport.

Prime Professional Office Sites

Truax Air Park West is home for some of Madison area's finest class-A office space. Seven fully improved lots, ranging in size from 70,000 to 174,000 square feet, are currently available. In addition, the Park has six parcels, up to seven acres in size, that may be developed in a variety of ways. These provide excellent opportunities for present use and future expansion.

Business Park Parcels

Lot/Parcel     Square Footage    Intended Land Use and Zoning Allowable Building Height
Lot 3 216,637 Prof. Office 24 feet
Lot 4 167,639 Prof. Office 24 feet
Lot 5 107,055 Prof. Office 24 feet
Lot 6 166,716 Prof. Office 24 feet
Lot 7 174,240 Prof. Office 72 feet
Parcel 1 304,920 Prof. Office Lt. Mfg/Whrsg 48 feet
Parcel 2 261,360 Airport-related Commercial Prof Office      80 feet
Parcel 3 261,360 Airport-related Commercial Prof Office 87 feet

For More Information

Explore the possibilities for business development at Truax Air Park West. Call an airport representative at (608) 246-3391. Or, for information on locating your office or business in the Truax Air Park, contact one of these property managers:

  • Susan Springman, Executive Management, Inc., (608) 442-5067
  • Roger Seip, American Lane Property, LLC, (608) 268-2600 x 113
  • Marty Rifken, The Rifken Group, (608) 575-9562
  • Angela Owens, TASC, (608) 241-1900 x 4204
  • William Nebel, Crown Commercial Real Estate and Development, LLC, (608) 831-2618
  • Mac McAllen, McAllen Properties, LLC, (608) 695-0417
  • Karen Veloso, Wisconsin Management Co., Inc. (608) 258-2080 x 259
  • Carl Ruedebusch, Air Park Center, LLC, (608) 249-2012